I Am Laying A Blanket Of Prayer Over President Trump. Secret Service Vacates Trump Tower Command Post After Lease Dispute. McMaster Says Susan Rice Did Nothing Wrong. Congress Does Nothing And Leaves On Vacation.

by Pamela Williams
I want to say never in a million years did I think I would ever see the United States treat our President in this disturbing way.  I am worried President Trump may not live through his Presidency.  I want to ask you to join me in laying a blanket of prayers over the President and his family.

The Secret Service is no longer on the property at Trump Tower.  I had read awhile back there was a dispute over the cost.  Whatever the reason, it does not sound good to me.  Because Trump Tower is President Trump’s permanent home, it should be monitored very carefully.
The official reason is the following:  “After much consideration, it was mutually determined that it would be more cost effective and logistically practical for the Secret Service to lease space elsewhere,” Amanda Miller said in an email to the Post.
But Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan told the paper that the agency is still working “to obtain permanent work space in an appropriate location.”
“Throughout this process, there has been no impact to the security plan developed by the Secret Service,” she added.
That is easy for them to say.  The fact is Trump has had nothing but trouble from those around him from the very beginning of his Presidency.
There is an article in Vanity Fair basically running President Trump down for taking a vacation.  I would say he has ever right to take one.  However, they speak about how he does not usually take vacations…that may be so in his past, but he has never been through the hell he is experiencing now.
They went on about how he said his work was his vacation, well, that was before he became President.  I am happy to see him getting away with his family.
The Hill is speaking about what he has just gone through with Congress.

President Trump on Thursday blamed Congress for the current “very dangerous” relationship with Russia.
“Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time and very dangerous low,” Trump tweeted one day after signing into law a bill overwhelmingly approved by Congress that imposes new sanctions on Russia and curbs the president’s authority to lift them.
Trump also took a shot at the inability of the Senate to pass an ObamaCare repeal law.
“You can thank Congress, the same people that can’t even give us [healthcare]!” he wrote.

He is right.  He did the best he could to get a repeal and replace law passed for ObamaCare, but Congress would not cooperate with him.
He even threatened to cut their healthcare back, but they are so cocky they think nothing can touch them.  
The Hill states:
“The sanctions are related in part to findings by the intelligence community that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election through a coordinated effort that included hacks of political organizations and a promulgation of “fake news” stories intended to hurt Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and undermine faith in the U.S. democracy.”  
How long are we going to have to listen to the lies and watch the “fake” inquisition of the great play “The Russian Interference?”  It is nothing but a play of government actors, who should be doing their jobs instead of wasting the President’s time and taxpayer money to continue to stage it. 
How can this be happening?  We are living in a reality where the truth does no longer exist.  WE THE PEOPLE speak it among ourselves, but we cannot seem to get anywhere with it.  Washington insiders get what they want as all their lies are staged in special prosecutions and printed in new’s outlets such as the Washington Post.  And the beat goes on and on playing to the baseless lies in Washington DC.  What are we going to do? What is President Trump going to do?
Here is a story that has me speechless.   I feel that Trump has some real enemies around him, and I have never liked McMaster from the start.  Now I know why.  National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster does not believe his predecessor did anything wrong by asking for the names of Americans caught up in surveillance programs to be revealed.
Bloomberg’s Eli Lake cited two U.S. intelligence officials as saying McMaster has reached that conclusion regarding Susan Rice, who worked in the Obama White House. She came under fire earlier this year after it was revealed Americans’ names were unmasked in surveillance reports.
Can you believe this?  If he is not the enemy of Trump and the American people then who is?
Then there is this:  Allen Roth, president of Secure America Now, talked with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Thursday regarding National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s role in the foreign policy decisions of President Trump’s administration.
Roth said, “McMaster and the National Security Council (NSC), there’s always a give and take as to what role the NSC plays in the development of foreign policy. Right now, we have a situation where McMaster appears to be at odds with the president, for example, on recertification of the Iran nuclear deal. He appears to be for recertification, which comes up every three months, and the president has clearly said that he’s opposed to it.”
Roth went on, “You have a situation where the president’s policies are not being put forth by the national security adviser. How long can this last? We don’t know.”
Roth encouraged those interested in supporting a grassroots effort to back the national security positions on which Trump campaigned to do so via his organization’s website.
If you are not worried after reading the following, then you either hate President Trump, or you want to see the United States of America fall.
A source for the Washington Free Beacon says that H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump, protected “Obama loyalists” on his staff by forbidding employees from mentioning the fact that they were “holdovers” from the previous administration.
The report further claims that McMaster plans to fire “at least four other senior NSC officials” loyal to President Trump in the coming weeks — after firing three nationalist senior National Security Council officials.
From the Washington Free Beacon:
One veteran GOP foreign policy hand who has been in constant contact with the administration since its transition to the White House told the Free Beacon that McMaster has sought to downplay outstanding issues with Obama-era holdovers believed to be undermining the administration.
“One of the first things H.R. McMaster did when he took over the NSC was order all the staffers who came in with Trump to stop talking about Obama ‘holdovers.’ It was an actual, literal, explicit instruction,” the source said. “He didn’t want anyone pointing out how Obama loyalists were still in place, undermining President Trump, and leaking against him.”…
“After he was done protecting the entrenched bureaucracy McMaster went on offense, which is what you’re seeing now,” the source said. “He’s purging the people who came up with Trump and are genuinely loyal to him.”
In conclusion, American Patriots had better put their heads together and come up with some way to help President Trump and pray without ceasing.

Warning: Top Generals Moving Against President Trump

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14 thoughts on “I Am Laying A Blanket Of Prayer Over President Trump. Secret Service Vacates Trump Tower Command Post After Lease Dispute. McMaster Says Susan Rice Did Nothing Wrong. Congress Does Nothing And Leaves On Vacation.

      • Yes. Like the leaked phone call today. I am not sure but I would expect to be arrested if I did something like this. Since it is most likely classified even the reporter would be in jail. The drain the swamp idea is good but look what happens when you delay in doing so.

          • What’s interesting about this story is the fact we have never seen ( ever ) so many people personally taking and interest in what is going on and trying to help a president. The deep state is doing back flips to stop all of this as people are waking up to their antics. 50 billion in opium sales form Afghanistan? Billions in sale out for the Clinton cartel. Barry getting 400 million for naming the health care act? Either someone takes this on or we are are even more sold down the slavery road.

          • dave, that is what worries me. We are living in a reality we have never dealt with before. Since President Trump took office, we have been able to see the darkness within our government. We have always suspected it, but now we have clear evidence. Now, where do you take the clear evidence? There is no one honest enough within the system to take it to. You have Judicial Watch, and they are already trying. Then you have lawyer Larry Klayman, who has been trying but to no avail. What happened to Trey Gowdy? We do have Jim Jordan, and he is trying to expose it all, but he cannot do it alone.

          • I’m doin ALL I can runnin for office and puttin in Newspaper ads as my budget permits. Main thing is git Right with G-d. No one knows when the End Times be A-commin, NOT even the SON, only the FATHER, but there sure are enough indicators now!
            You’re putting up a good fight against this all encompassing EVIL. I’m sure you will find favor with G-d when the time comes.
            http://www.kentuckychief.org for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch!
            No BANKSTER, Politick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too Big to JAIL or Impeach!

  1. Remember when we were kids, and were sooooo excited the circus was coming – with the big Clown Show?
    They’ll all got an offer for more money when they stopped in the nation’s capitols and DC – and never left.

  2. After Obama politized the General’s do we have even one left who believes in their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, Against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC?
    Fire McMasters, the BeTrayUs Globalist BANKSTER NWO Islamic Puppet, NOW and hire Higgins to take his place!

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