I am sick of what this world has become in the last 20 years! Lazy ass millenial's addicted to their phone and xbox games. Too damn lazy to WORK!

I am ashamed of what this world has become these days. Teens too damn lazy to get a damn job and go to WORK for a living!
ALL teens want to do these days is stay GLUED to their XBOX and Iphones, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, addicted to the internet. They have become too damn lazy to even lift a damn finger to look for a damn JOB and GO TO WORK!
I have some very sad news for you teen millenial’s that are addicted to your XBOX, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, INTERNET!……Soon your parents will DIE and you will have to grow your ass up and get a damn JOB to support yourself for a damn living! Your parents aren’t going to be around forever! When your parents kick the bucket, you will have to get a damn JOB and WORK for a damn living soon!
You millenial’s need to wake the hell up and realize when your parents are gone, you pay your own fucking bills for a living after mommy and daddy are dead. You teens might just want to think about that fact and let it sink in!!
Your mommy and daddy will not be around to support your damn lazy ass!
Who is going to support your damn lazy ass when your mom and dad are six feet under the damn ground?

Our company has gone through over 100 teens in the past MONTH.
They claim they don’t get enough hours, so we assign them more hours, then they call in sick and can’t work even though they have been given more hours as requested!
Teens these days are LAZY, unprofessional, unmotivated, they always want a free ride and paycheck with no effort in working whatsoever!
All they care about is their Iphones, internet, Xbox, snapchat, facebook, they don’t even lift a damn finger to even TRY to show up for work at all! They are USELESS!
We even gave one teen a 2.00 an hour wage increase to motivate them to come to work. They were offered $14.80 an hour which was a $2.00 an hour raise!!!! They called in sick constantly, didn’t want to show up for work! The job was SIMPLE running a cash register for 6-8 hours day! They couldn’t even do that simple task without calling in sick or complaining!
Just what the hell are you damn teen’s problems!!!???
Can’t you just show up for work everyday and do your damn JOB????
Do you expect your paycheck to be handed to you without working???? You teens are CRAZY and need to be in a mental institution!
Our company, which has over 640+ stores has had an extreme turnover of teens in the last 6 months, have decided not to hire anyone over 25 years of age because most of the teens we have hired are complete LAZY and do NOT want to work!
Since that decision, our turnover rate has decreased over 80%.
Its a simple statistic… TEENS do NOT want to WORK for a damm living these days!
Older individuals over 25 years of age actually WANT to work for a living and rarely call in sick and actually SHOW UP for work every day!