I became a millionaire because of an IPO

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by metsancho

It was one of those things that I never counted on until it really happened.

I added $570,000 to my portfolio today (guesstimating after tax).


  • $160k full time job (does not offer 401k)/ Wife stay-at-home mom
  • I have a side-business that nets $100k this year. (Previous years was around $30k)

Pre-IPO portfolio:

  • $133k cash (I need to keep $60k in cash for tax + side-business short-term expenses. Do I have too much cash otherwise?)
  • $306k in Vanguard (VTIAX, VTSAX, VWITX)
  • $102k…err $87k….err $115k. Let’s just say $100k in BTC/ETH (I know, I know, I’m the devil.)
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  • 35/married/1 kid
  • I started an individual 401k for my side-business that I’m trying to max this year. Not sure how it works but I read it’s a good idea
  • I max wife/my IRA every year
  • I started a 529 for kid

The big question. What in the world do I do with $570k?

I wasn’t planning on making any changes life-wise, so I will continue to work as normal and maybe take a “celebration” year off a few years from now. I like my job anyhow.

  1. For the IPO money itself, is it wise stuffing it all into Vanguard and just let it do its thing?
  2. Is putting all my assets in Vanguard too risky and should I allocate to other areas like real estate?
  3. Am I being too naive to think I know what I’m doing and I should just speak with a financial advisor?
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