I considered myself a Democrat. After tonight’s DNC debate, Trump has earned my second choice for president

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by throwaway927048201

Throwaway for obvious reasons.

I’m 21 years old, going to a pretty liberal college in a very liberal area, and have considered myself a Democrat/liberal for most of my life. However, after seeing tonight’s debate, and watching corporate candidates such as Biden say that he’s going to send more military fleets towards China, I cannot in good conscience vote for either Biden or Buttigeg above Trump. I also no longer align myself with either party strongly.

My main reasoning for this is due to the large escalation of foreign wars the Obama presidency as well as the Democratic party has promoted in their rhetoric in recent years, compared to the de-escalation of the Syrian crisis currently going on under Trump’s administration. I have my own personal beef with several of Trump’s policies, but at the end of the day he took troops away from Syria, de-escalating the conflict that has been brewing there in some part due to Obama’s operations there. I still can’t believe that people on the left have given Trump flak for this move. I honestly don’t care that the Kurds “are our allies” at the end of the day the DNC is responsible for escalating the conflict there and causing large amounts of human suffering, yet for some reason pulling out is seen as a traitorous move by Trump.

I believe that if Biden were to assume power, that would lead to more foreign wars, namely in Venezuela, possibly escalating into a global conflict involving major powers- of course, this will be buried under several excuses by the DNC. As a person who is going to have to grow up in this world, I would rather see it through and be the bigger person, seeing the larger picture, than blindly follow bandwagon hatred towards a president. I used to be fine with voting third party against Biden, but after his statements in the debate today, I believe he will be a more negative force in global politics than Trump has been thus far in his presidency.

In the end, I still hold my reservations against Trump, and I still have my first-choice nominee for president who I will be voting for in the primaries. But I believe that a Trump presidency will ultimately do more good in the world compared to an expansionist, aggressive Biden presidency. The media’s constant smears of Trump hasn’t helped in this regard either.

I have grown disillusioned with party politics, especially after tonight, especially after re-watching videos of debates in 2016. Trump doesn’t answer to anyone. He’s honest, and that’s saying a lot for a president. I don’t have to fear that he has oil rigs or corporate interests to protect in the middle east.

Ultimately it is American party politics that is doing more to harm and divide our country and the world than anything else. I cannot in good conscience continue the tradition of oligarchy. I will vote Trump in 2020, as a registered Democrat, if Biden gets the nomination.




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