I don’t care where you stand politically, this should bother you. 3 days ago nearly everyone agreed the Covid bill was trash. Then Trump called it out, which was followed by people being afraid to say what they thought 3 days ago in fear of agreeing with him. This is a major problem

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by KorrectDaRekard

The fact that people went from being united against this bill, to suddenly afraid to speak their mind about it is alarming. Now Corporate News outlets are spinning a narrative that Americans are in agreement Trump calling for $2000 checks is evil. Peoole know it isnt, but overnight they stopped talking about it, they are afraid of publicly agreeing with something Trump said, despite being able to do so freely just 48 hours prior. I know at the very least there is a new wave of people being red pilled by it, but at the same time there are far too many people who are willing to let themselves be screwed just to avoid the shaming of agreeing with Trump. This needs to end, for once the 2 sides were united in a common cause, we need to let them know they cant keep relying on their divide and conquer tactics.




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