I Felt Ashamed When I Read What Putin Was Doing To The Minds Of The Russian People…And To Some American Minds.

by Pamela Williams
over Trump.  I am asking myself the following question:  Why would I or any American believe Putin over our own President?  For that matter, why would I or any American believe Bashar Assad over President Trump?  What is wrong with the American people?  Why have we become hardened against our own Country?  Why do we think Putin is so pure and tells the truth to anyone, especially his own people?
I beg you to consider the following:  The Kremlin has already proven its ability to convince the Russian people that an open-and-shut case, backed by an air-tight international investigation, was in fact a sinister US, CIA, NATO, Ukrainian false-flag operation to blame the Kremlin for the murder of 298 innocent passengers aboard Malaysian Airlines 17 flight over occupied Donetsk territory on July 17,2014.  This Syrian scenario should be a cake walk for Putin compared to MH17.
Now, I am going to lay out the evidence for you on the MH17 tragedy:  

  1. Immediately after MH17 was downed, the REBEL COMMANDER bragged on social media that HIS MISSILES had shot down a Ukrainian military plane.
  2. Phone communications were captured as the missile crew was directed to the field from which it fired the missile.  
  3. Social media posted pictures of the missile system FLEEING BACK TO RUSSIA.
  4. FORENSIC EVIDENCE proved that the plane was downed by a MISSILE AND NOT A TRAILING UKRAINIAN JET.

Within hours of MH17, Putin mounted a huge campaign to convince the Russian people to doubt the findings of the Dutch-based international investigations team.  They quickly staged a press conference with photoshopped images, false radar readings, and reports of a Ukrainian pilot admitting he had shot down the plane.
But I will never forget the story that spread across the Internet that MH17 was loaded with dead bodies, or that the attack was an assassination attempt on dear Vlad.  It got so bad the Dutch-based international MH17 investigations team appealed to the UN to create an international MH17 criminal tribunal to charge those Russians and rebels responsible for crimes against humanity.
You can read the full report by the Dutch Safety Board here:  www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/mh17-read-the-full-report-by-the-dutch-safety-board-a6692591.html
Russia’s Veto Of The MH17 UN Criminal Tribunal Is An Admission Of Guilt – www.forbes.com/sites/paulroderickgregory/2015/07/30/russias-veto-of-the-mh17-un-criminal-tribunal-is-an-admission-of-its-guilt/#30491d893e23
FROM ARTICLE:  Vladimir Putin is minimizing his losses. Yesterday, Russia vetoed the UN resolution (proposed by the four countries that suffered the greatest loss of human life) to form a Criminal Tribunal to punish those directly and indirectly responsible for the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.
Here is Putin’s calculation:  Let the world interpret, as it should, Russia’s veto as an admission of it guilt.  Through non-stop propaganda, Putin has already convinced his people that Ukraine and the United States are the guilty parties.  In fact, Russians favor a UN tribunal because they are sure it will prove their country’s innocence and Ukraine’s guilt.
But Putin cannot afford to let the Russian people know that it was Russian equipment and likely trained Russian experts which killed some 300 innocent victims.  He must keep the MH17 investigation out of a legitimate court of law and continue to fight this  as a propaganda war that he can win-at least at home where it counts.
I want you to ask yourself, as I am asking myself, are you guilty of constantly believing Russia over your own Country – Putin over President Trump?  If so, why do you think that is?  Have you fallen for all the propaganda from Putin?  When you consider the MH17 tragedy as I outlined above, including the findings of a un-biased team of specialists, why would you try to protect Putin?  What has happened to us as Americans?  Why can’t we try getting back to supporting our own President and Military?  
Do we have a crush on Putin?  I am serious…why do we always take his side in these things?  It is wrong, and it is hurting us as Americans.  Anyone who bothered reading the above should examine how Putin works his own people and unbelievably some American people.  Stop falling for it!  It is hurting us!
Now, lets examine the Syrian gas attack.  Within hours, Putin’s press secretary began with the false-flag story:  

  1. The Syrian air force innocently exploded a chemical weapons depot as if dropped conventional bombs.
  2. The chemical weapons had been brought into Idlibe from Iraq.
  3. Assad immediately followed Putin’s lead by stating the poison gas was released after its planes dropped bombs on a local terrorist arms depot, containing chemical weapons.

I am ashamed to say that Putin will clearly be able to convince some of the American people by citing the “Bush lied about Iraq’s WMDs” phrase, arguing that President Trump acted too hastily with flawed intelligence.  “Manchurian candidate Trump” believers will argue that the bombing was planned by Trump and Putin to divert attention from other things.  Unfortunately, Putin will even find believers in US isolationists crying about President Trump’s actions.  
God forbid. I will not be one of these Americans!  In the April 12 meeting, the foreign ministers of Russia and the US agreed to a UN investigation of the Idlibe bombing.  Russia will intimidate its allies into an inconclusive investigation and will clearly fail to recognize any results that incriminate Assad.  But I can guarantee you, President Trump will accept their findings.  Will you?