I keep testing positive. Its been 54 days.

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by theeclecticmayhem

I’ve had Corona since March 20. For 6 days I was in hell. For about a month after I didn’t quite feel like myself. Took a while for me to get my lungs back, but I’ve been good for quite some time now. Took my third test last week and I’m still positive with absolutely no symptoms. I’m on disability insurance while I can’t go to work and I’m not sure how much longer my work is going to hold my job for. No one can tell me why I keep testing positive after so long or give me any solutions on what to do about it. Just have to wait it out…but for how long? 14 more days? 2 more months? 6 months?

Had anyone else tested positive for this long or longer?

EDIT: Should add that I live with my girlfriend who got it from me at the same time I first contracted it. While I got it really bad, she barely got a bad case of allergies. She quickly recovered and has been negative for well over a month now.




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