I know there’s a shooting in US, but something worse is happening in Hong Kong…

by vkhy

First of all, no we don’t need thoughts and prayers.

So in the past 2 months, protests started off as anti-extradition bill. But our government refused to acknowledge the elephant in the room and retract the bill, and defined many of our peaceful protests as “riots”. Mind you, Protestors were only armed with umbrella, helmets, and masks. And the worst part is the violence practised by the police. Here are some of the examples of their abuse of power in the past 2 months:

  • fired ridiculous amount of tear gas to unarmed protestors
  • fired tear gas in residential area, affecting innocent citizens or even nursery homes
  • shot with Remington shotguns and aiming at protestors’ heads (which is strictly prohibited in guidelines)
  • mob attacked protestors and innocent citizens, and the police did nothing (this)

taking down a female protestor by force and have her underwear completely removed, making her naked in the public (can’t find English source for this) (There’s a post on Reddit about this incident)

And today Hong Kong citizens will take it to the street again, having the possibly largest strike in last decades to emphasis our demands:

  • Complete withdrawal of the Extradition Bills
  • Implementation of Dual Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong
  • Retraction of the characterisations of the protest on 12 June 2019 as “riots”
  • Establishment of an independent investigation committee chaired by retired judges to investigate the police’s actions
  • The Department of Justice maintains its political neutrality and not conduct political prosecutions



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