I met a black guy outside grocery store. He told me he lives everyday like his last

by AC

I said “ how are people paying for shit?” . I broke it down for him

I made $11/hour in 1992, 30 years ago. The minimum wage in Florida is $10/hr. The minimum wage in 30 years has gone up less than 100% yet has, rent, food, cars etc HAS GONE UP 500-700%

Here it is:
Brand new Toyota pickup $7500
Gas 1.00/gallon
Gas $5.00/gallon
Rent 1 bedroom
$200-300/ month
$1500 minimum

In 1992 there was no mobile phones or internet. Apple costs now $500 and then you have subscription

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Food compared to 30 years ago is at least 300% increase

Medical insurance at least 400% increase

Clothing and shoes at least 100% increase

Even restaurants, bars, zoos, moves way higher

Impossible people can afford shit


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