I Read The News So You Don’t Have To – Market News (Dec. 07, 2018)

by ogordained


  • Futures are indicating a lower opening this morning despite increased talk that the Fed will pause their rate raising campaign
  • The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index shows sustained economic strength
  • The Private Payroll report came in weaker than expected (Expected 195 Actual 179)
  • 30-year mortgage rates have tumbled from recent highs
  • With exports to China plummeting, the trade deficit hit its highest level in ten years
    • Imports from China hit a record high with companies attempting to get orders in ahead of tariffs
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  • Japan is weighing a ban on the use of Huawei’s telecoms equipment
  • OPEC oil producers agreed to cut output yesterday, a finalized agreement is due today
    • oil prices continue to fall as US exports of crude hit a record high
  • Lyft began the process of filing for an IPO
  • CLOSED: The Eiffel Tower and Louvre – 89,000 police will be deployed to Paris on Saturday as protestershave turned violent
  • Houthi-rebels and Government allies began talks to end the civil war in Yemen.
    • The two sides agreed to exchange 5,000 prisoners
  • The FTSE 100 fell to its lowest level in two years
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  • Economic activity continues to weaken
  • Bad news for Tencent – The recently formed Online Games Ethics Committee has rejected nine of 20 titles it reviewed




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