I Read The News So You Don’t Have To – Market News (Dec. 21, 2018)

by ogordained



  • Futures are down this morning in the US and global stocks are falling as well
  • Budget discussions took a sharp turn and it now looks like the government will indeed shutdown tomorrow unless $5bn are allocated to build a border wall
  • Data from the Philly Fed shows regional manufacturing activity slowing and “hours worked” reversing course to 2016 levels
    • New Orders and Expected Investments are holding steady though


  • The Bank of England reduced Q4 growth forecasts from 0.3% to 0.2% for the British economy
  • UK Retail Sales came in strong (Expected 2.3% | Actual 3.8%)
  • A court in Germany is making Apple stop selling certain iPhones after finding that they infringed on Qualcomm patents
  • Oil continues to get battered with the price of Brent Crude falling below $55/barrel
  • The Malaysian government wants $7.2bn from Goldman Sachs for their involvment in the 1MDB corruption scandal
  • Carlos Ghosn was rearrested amid suspicion that he shifted $16 million in personal losses to Nissan
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  • The gap between Chinese stock underperformance and US stocks is narrowing
    • US stocks have underperformed Chinese shares since the end of October
  • The South China Morning Post is bullish on American stocks 
  • Charges have been filed by the US against two Chinese citizens for their role in a campaign to steal information from US businesses and the government

\This will be my last time reading the news for you until Dec. 27 – Happy Holidays* 🎅


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