“I think a pause in September might make sense” – Atlanta Fed President Bostic on rate hikes

by FarrisAT


It “might make sense” for the Federal Reserve to pause further interest rate hikes following expected half-point rate increases over the next two months as the central bank assesses the impact on inflation and the economy, Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic said on Monday.

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Bostic’s comments are the most overt suggestion yet that the Fed might see enough progress on inflation — or enough weakness in the economy — to pause its rate increases as soon as September to take stock.


Signal or noise? Did the Fed blink? We will have a far different economy in September of course. But the assumption that inflation will fall is questionable for anyone who actually pays for their own gas/food/goods the last few months. Personally, I expect the economy, equities, and inflation to all dip by September so I think Bostic is right for the wrong reasons.


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