I uninstalled Facebook a week ago from my phome. Now 75% of my Youtube ads are from Facebook.

Watching a video now, another Facebook ad. I’ve seen the ad so many times now (50ish ballpark estimate) that it’s catchy jingle is memorized perfectly. Screenshot taken a minute ago (ad played but is now on bottom of video); imgur.com/a/T59qy

What I wanted to ask all of you; anybody have any memories or recent examples of something like this, involving strange ‘coincidences’, happening to you?

I also have targeted advertising disabled for google. So… I don’t get it. Didn’t see a Facebook ad ever before on Google until this. I also have been getting a lot of Rules of Survival ads recently ever since I downloaded PUBG for mobile. Again, don’t get it since I disabled targeted advertising.

h/t x6r