I work in a mid-sized, R&D heavy biotech and the investing climate is terrible at the moment. All of us are really worried about securing funding, is there anyone who can elaborate as to why the market is in this state at the moment?

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by ThePirateKing01

I wanted to put this out there because I currently work in a heavy R&D focused biotech and the future looks bleak because the investing market is absolutely terrible for efforts that are pre-clinical.

We’ve received global recognition for the science we put out, and investors are blown away by our hard data. However, the market it horrific and they only feel comfortable investing in companies with drugs already being clinically tested (we have 1-2 already, but that’s still not good enough). It’s not just us either, many other smaller-mid biotechs are in similar or worse situations.

This has happened before…around 2007 (news.mit.edu/2010/recession-science). We all know what happened in 2008. The companies that did fine were the ones with large clinical efforts or with products already on the market.

Everyone is just really scared, it’s not easy finding another job when you’ve spent years of your life devoted to the study of a very niche field. Anyone with more information as to why the climate is the way it is right now would be very insightful; especially since things looked so promising 2-3 years ago.




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