ICE released 160,000 illegals Since Dec., 88% never showed up for hearing. 98 % still remain in USA

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And keep in mind – these numbers are based on apprehensions, we that live on the border knew that it is an open sieve, they arrive by the thousands each day without arrest, undetected.

The USA is taking the entire population of South America without any stopping in sight.

In April alone over 109,000 were apprehended. Think about that amount of people for a minute….one single month.

By their own words – ICE – there are no consequences for not showing up. As many of us stated previously, the way the law is written, it does not mean they are deported.

DHS discovered child recycling rings – using these children as pretend family units. But again, nothing happens when caught. And ultimately the children get to claim, legally, trafficking which means they are not deported, but their family members in their home countries are actually brought here to USA.

The amount of time to change these legal loopholes is immense- especially with the odumma appointed judges.

I can’t think of a single state that currently does not have a community of known illegals living in it.



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