Ideal set up for false-flag to be blamed on “gun nuts”

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by SP

Virginia demonstrations–Emotions will be running hot (as is appropriate) and the setup will be ripe for agents provocateurs and a false-flag similar to Maidan Lane snipers shooting into protestors AND police in the Ukraine.

The CIA (and associates) specialize in regime change and social transformation through chaos.  I trust them to be able to create massive chaos and their media compatriots to blow it through the ceiling until every sensitive but unsophisticated American is lead to hate “those gun nuts.”

Chose the timing and setting of your confrontations.

“If you want to hold an “right to keep and bear arms” rally, do it on friendly ground, for example, in a rural county where the Sheriff holds a mass militia/deputizing ceremony, and a thousand patriots are issued badges to go with their AR-15s. Force the enemy media onto our terrain, where we can cut their cables, jam their signals, or just keep them out. Culpeper, yes.”

Any groups wanting to stage counter rallies will be positioned many miles distant. Where there will be no accidental mixing or contact.

No tall buildings overlooking either group.


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