Identity Of Official Revealed — Links Directly To Hunter Biden… Ted Cruz Calls for FBI Raid on Hunter Biden

via infowars:

Senator Ted Cruz declared Sunday that the FBI should immediately search the home of Hunter Biden to check for classified documents.

In the wake of such documents being discovered in Joe Biden’s home garage and an office he uses in Washington DC, Cruz noted “It seems he leaves classified documents wherever he goes. And we also know that Hunter Biden at times was — declared his residence to be those very same places.”

During the Fox News interview, Cruz added “I also believe it is critical for the FBI to search Hunter Biden’s homes, home and office residences to make sure there are no classified documents there, given all the evidence that’s piling up. We need to ascertain who’s had access to what and when.”

Cruz added that it is imperative that lawmakers find out whether documents Biden had “illegally” involve “family business activities and potential corruption.”

“Whether they involve Burisma and Ukraine, whether they involve Communist China and the entities that were paying the Biden family millions of dollars,” Cruz urged, adding “If he, in fact, had classified documents that implicate his own financial well-being, that raises the potential of very serious criminal liability.”

SHOTS FIRED: Identity Of Official Revealed — Links Directly To Hunter Biden

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The connections between Hunter Biden and various individuals in international dealings have been obtuse until of late, journalists are putting together facts that appear to draw lines between Biden and nefarious individuals and groups around the world. The information found on the discarded laptop of Hunter Biden has been slow to be released, but those investigating the connections that the information leads to are coming up with some answers.

The questions of “who” and “why” in regard to the activities of Hunter Biden’s international business dealings are being answered and the connections to Joe Biden’s administration, most notably the FBI are coming to light for those who can connect the dots.

A recent report by Kokalari for shows some of these connections:

Back in September of last year, the Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan penned a great story documenting the Biden administration’s tolerance for corruption in Albania’s socialist government under current prime minister Edi Rama.

He detailed connections between Rama, the Albanian mafia, and Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel (perhaps best known for formerly being headed by drug lord “El Chapo”), which Dan Bongino also explained during a bombshell episode of his podcast last week. Dan also covered the recent indictment of Charles McGonigal, the ex-FBI official in charge of the FBI’s Counterintel Division in New York who was charged with violating sanctions against Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.


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