If 80% Wore Masks, This Would ALL Stop…

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This divisiveness and foolishness has me about ready to pull my hair out.

There is a contagion, and it is killing a great number of people, but not as many as are being reported.

Wearing a light face covering DOES impede the spread and lessen any pathogenic load allowing one’s immune system to over come the pathogen. It protects BOTH the one wearing a mask and anyone they come into contact with.

Yes, there is a tremendous amount of propaganda flying on ALL sides of this, and it’s incredibly difficult to break through that and get actual facts separated from fiction.

Here is an article with link to one clear study on the efficacy of masks. They work, and they don’t have to be n95 masks. Pathogens have to attach to particles to spread through the nose and mouth. They don’t have wings and fly on their own.


This video is from a very reasonable and proven to be very accurate source. It’s about the above referenced study and also a few other things important to our general well being. Approximately 30 minutes.

Can we stop polarizing ourselves and agree that we need to reopen and to do so intelligently?

We have actual cures, but what we don’t have is general immunity. We do not need a vaccine, we simply need to act intelligently and be cautious. Not frightened, but cautious.


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