If a lot of people start dying en masse there, here is the perfect excuse…

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The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station located in Plymouth, Massachusetts is in the process of being decommissioned; a potential plan to discharge 1 million gallons of radioactive waste into Cape Cod Bay as part of that decommissioning project is raising eyebrows and growing concerns about the possibility of radioactive nor’easters in the coming months.

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is located on the western shore of Cape Cod Bay in the Town of Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts; it is south of the tip of Rocky Point and north of Priscilla Beach. The nearest large cities are Boston, Massachusetts, approximately 38 miles to the northwest, and Providence, Rhode Island, approximately 44 miles to the west.

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When operational, the Pilgrim plant was responsible for the generation of 14% of all electricity in Massachusetts.

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1M gallons of radioactive water from Plymouth nuclear plant could be discharged into Cape Cod Bay

Pilgrim nuclear plant may release 1M gallons of radioactive water into bay. What we know

Pilgrim nuclear plant may release 1M gallons of radioactive water into bay. What we know




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