If all you’re looking for growth stocks then here you go

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by rawrtherapybackup

PLTR – Data Analysis, AI, Machine Learning for Terrorism/Government Use

NIO – Potentially a solid growth company if it drops a little further

RKT – Online Mortgage Lending, Basically what Tesla is to Gas Combustion Engines

RDFN – someone mentioned Redfin to compliment RKT and I totally agree

SQ – constantly moving forward in anything money, possibly interrupting the visa/mc area/CC’s

FNKO – Hear me out, HUGE potential for growth. Potential buy out from Disney. Already in a partnership with them for an animated series on Disney+

Tesla – Because AI taxis, cars, batteries, you already know

TikTok – Can potentially turn into a YT competitor if they allow for longer video uploads and possibly new UI design

Roblox – kids fucking love it

LULU – Nobody can touch Lulu, not even Nike

Starlink – can potentially be the global supplier of WIFI (when/if it IPOs)

I don’t care to invest in growth companies of the present, I’m looking for growth companies of the future and I think I’ve found them


I’m holding $63,000 in RKT, $40,000 in BIGC, $6000 in TTD and $6000 in GME

The positions above are not what I’m holding. They’re what I would like to hold.

Not sure why you guys are asking but I don’t really follow anyone on social media for stocks. Really only listen to myself.

If I had to choose I’d go with MEETKEVIN, that chicken Asian guy that likes Tesla, Steven mehr I think his name is on YouTube for macroeconomics, butimnotatrader dude just posts raw info and he’s right a lot, that financial advice 2 guy with the hat and probably game of trades for the TA?

Not sure why so many people were upset at my positions, here they are:



Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence or consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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