If American companies seem pathetic when it comes to China, it’s because they are…. Florida Sen. Rick Scott warns China is greatest threat to US…. It’s time to break this too-friendly relationship

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If American companies seem pathetic when it comes to China, it’s because they are

  • After the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted out his support of protesters in Hong Kong, the Chinese Communist Party’s retribution was swift and came from all sides, including from parts of the NBA.
  • It is yet another example of how the tightening grip of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s authoritarian regime is testing the values of corporate America.
  • As the Chinese Communist Party becomes more assertive and aggressive about its values, so too must American businesses. Hopefully, they’re up to the task. So far, things don’t look encouraging.

If, after the days-long backtracking by the NBA over Houston Rocket GM Daryl Morey’s deleted tweet supporting protesters in Hong Kong, you feel like American companies are looking pathetic in China, it’s because you’re right. They are.

American companies have been allowing China to pull their strings for years, and as the country becomes more bellicose, this private matter is starting to spill into public view.

This is partly because China, under President Xi Jinping, will give critics no quarter. After Morey’s tweet, and despite some muddled attempts by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to smooth things over, China’s state-run broadcaster CCTV halted NBA broadcasts to its 640 million NBA fans.

That is because it is not willing to compromise on what it considers a core value — the unquestionable and all-encompassing power of the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, over all the territories it claims (and that includes Taiwan).



Florida Sen. Rick Scott warns China is greatest threat to US.

The greatest threat we face in the next century is from China.

China’s growing influence around the world presents a clear and present danger to the stability of world markets, the security of the United States and our allies and the quest for freedom and democracy around the globe.

I just returned from Hong Kong, where I met with pro-democracy, business and religious leaders who are fighting for their freedom and human dignity. They are standing strong against Beijing’s aggression.

I was the first U.S. senator to visit Hong Kong since the protests started 17 weeks ago.

I met with protesters — students, parents and grandparents — who are fighting to regain the freedom they were once promised. I heard their stories — horrible and frightening stories of police brutality, threats against individuals and their families and mysterious disappearances. I heard how injured protesters can’t go to the hospital for fear of retaliation. But in all the horrific tales, there are brave and heroic souls fighting for freedom.

All of this is happening because President Xi is a human-rights violator. He is yet another Communist leader trying to be the dominant world power. It’s Hong Kong now, then it will be Taiwan and soon America itself. China believes that in order for them to be stronger, America and other freedom-loving countries must be weaker. To the Communist regime in Beijing, this is a zero-sum game. China does not believe it can prosper unless America fails.

Red China cracks down on dissidents in the USA.

The New York Post reported, “Houston Rockets sneakers and other merchandise were pulled from several Nike stores in major Chinese cities amid the furor surrounding a tweet from the team’s general manager in support of anti-government protests in Hong Kong.”

The background is Rockets official publicly supported the Hong Kong protesters while NBA teams are playing Red Chinese teams in a pre-season series telecast on ESPN.

Chairman Xi forced the NBA and the official to apologize. It forced Nike to pull the Rockets ware.

Nike made millions on a Colin Kaepernick shoe honoring a man who hates America and our president. This is the free speech that corporate America loves because it is against President Donald John Trump but corporate America will shut down any criticism of Red China and Chairman Xi.

People say Voltaire said, “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

It is not just Nike siding with Red China.

The Post reported, “The stakes are high for NBA, whose league business in China is said to be worth more than $4 billion. The world’s most populous nation is Nike’s top source of revenue growth as other regions slow.”

To put that $4 billion in perspective, Forbes reported on February 7, 2018, “The league’s 30 teams generated $7.4 billion in revenue last season, up 25% from 2017 and another record high for the league. The average NBA franchise is now worth a record $1.65 billion, up 22% over last year, and more than triple the figure of five years ago.”



TOUGH BUT FAIR HEADLINE: Beholden to Chinese blood money, Steve Kerr compares US gun ownership to state-sponsored genocide.

PJ Media contributor and Hot Air alumnus Bryan Preston memes Kerr’s worldview:

Elsewhere in the faux-woke world of the NBA: Portland Trail Blazers Join Boycott Against Israel.

UPDATE: Analysis: True.


THE NBA IS A REAL DUMPSTER FIRE: Portland Trail Blazers Join Boycott Against Israel.

And everything is going swimmingly: NBA cancels media availability for rest of China trip.

Plus: President Xi Makes NBA All-Star Team. I’m so old I can remember when the Bee was a satire site, instead of America’s paper of record.


FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM: ‘Free Hong Kong’ Protesters Descend On Wizards Game Amid NBA’s China Controversy.

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