If Biden is a lock to win. Then why are they boarding up LA, Chicago, NY, DC. to prepare for riots?

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When have conservatives ever rioted and looted? Even if they were angry and were going to protest why the fuck would they drive to LA, Chicago, NY instead of protesting in Trump Country?

This tells you right here. Dem’s know damn well they were not able to produce enough fraudulent votes by mail to cover the massive ass beating Trump is about to drop.

WHITE HOUSE ENTERS LOCKDOWN – Feds Bringing In Troops to Build Non-Scalable Fence Around Area

The White House and surrounding areas will reportedly go into lockdown mode Monday as the country braces for election day. Many Americans fear unrest and violence in the days following, as the result may take days or even weeks to hash out.

Federal officials are scheduled to build a “non-scalable” fence around The White House and surrounding areas, NBC News’ Geoff Bennett reported Sunday night. In addition, 250 members of the national guard will be ready to assist if needed, Bennett said.



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