If It’s Really Still A Crisis, Why Are We Letting Health Workers Go?

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For most of spring 2020, rattled New Yorkers trudged out onto their stoops and balconies every night at 7 p.m. sharp to bang their pots and pans and holler appreciation for the first responders—cops, nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters—who, unlike them, did not really have the choice to stay home from work while the deadly coronavirus ripped through the five boroughs.

As of Tuesday, those same New Yorkers, through their representative government, are telling those same essential workers to go look for a new job, unless they have been vaccinated for COVID-19 or have filed for a religious exception from the statewide mandate.

WHILE DEMOCRATS KEEP FIRING THEM: We Are On The Verge Of The Greatest Shortage Of Healthcare Workers In US History.

Genuine healthcare is a fairly recent innovation, but it sure didn’t take long to screw it up.


● Shot: Joe Biden: I’m going to ‘shut down the virus’, not the US.

—The Grauniad, October 23, 2020.

● Chaser: Mayorkas: Hey, that surge in Delta COVID-19 variant was totally unexpected at the border.

—Karen Townsend, Hot Air, Tuesday.

● Hangover: Hundreds of COVID-positive Haitians quarantined at El Paso motel.

Less than a week after federal authorities cleared the migrant camp underneath the International Bridge in Del Rio, more than 800 Haitians from that encampment were quarantined in an El Paso motel. They lacked adequate access to food, medical care and other necessities, according to a source who visited the motel.

—The Haitian Times, today.

The D.T.s: House Democrats Block COVID Testing Mandate for Illegal Immigrants.

Townhall, yesterday.

Great moments in presidential schizophrenia: Are we in a pandemic or not?


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