If the market ever does sell off again I expect it to look like a series of V-shaped recoveries all the way down

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Options traders are pricing in higher volatility despite record highs for the Nasdaq, and that is one of the reasons to be cautious at the moment.

‘Fear’ is rising in the stock-market and so is ‘dumb money’ confidence as tech stocks reach an inflection point

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“As questions mount about whether the surge in VXN in recent weeks, uncharacteristic in a rising NDX tape, is indicative of a ‘blowoff’ or a ‘blowup’ or both (Mwe note that such ‘fast and furious’ shifts between VXN and VIX have tended to correspond to NDX absolute and relative underperformance, especially on a 3-month time frame,” Emanuel wrote, along with analyst Michael Chu, in a July 14 research note.


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