If they don’t want you to know, it’s because they don’t think you’d be happy if you did.

REALCLEARINVESTIGATIONS: The Bigger Battle Behind McCabe’s Secret, Potential $1.9M FBI Pension.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has left the bureau under a cloud, but for him there’s a silver lining: his federal pension, which could provide him a lifetime payout of $1.9 million.
Yet taxpayers will never know for certain how big a pension McCabe gets, nor can they learn about pensions due any other federal employee, including members of Congress. The Office of Personnel Management keeps that information secret, exempting it even from freedom of information requests.
Adam Andrzejewski, president of the watchdog group Open the Books, said opening pension records to public scrutiny is “the next phase of the transparency revolution.”
“Citizens should not have to have a search warrant to see how their money is being spent,” Andrzejewski said. Besides, he added, “You can’t reform what you can’t see.”
Various organizations have tried for decades to force the personnel office to cough up the numbers. The National Taxpayers Union sought access to congressional pension data in 1993. In both 2013 and 2016, Andrzejewski tried again to get the pension data. The OPM declined, citing a 1989 federal appeals court ruling that releasing the names and addresses of federal annuitants “would result in a clearly unwarranted invasion of privacy.”
Government watchdogs say this secrecy is troubling for many reasons.

Sessions should take away the pension as a sign that the Trump administration takes such things seriously and will demand serious consequences.
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