If This Is What “The New Normal” Is Going To Look Like, It Is Going To Be Horrible

In many of our previous economic collapse videos we addressed the role of uncertainty that we are going through. We have discussed how investors feel discouraged and frightened when they can’t foresee what is coming next. We have shown evidences based on solid sources on how the economic future will probably unroll out of this crisis and even what would come after this chapter is finally over.

But in this video, we’re are going to talk to you about how this uncertainty is affecting our lives so far. Us: regular people. The ones who grease the engines of the social mechanism, the ones that push life forward, even though everything else seems to be crashing. What the future will look like for us? Where are we at now?
In moments such as this one, being trapped by fear is not far from the reality of many of us. The news won’t stop shouting about all kinds of different information feeding us up with misleading data that only makes us feel more helpless and afraid. The streets, the stores, the schools are completely empty and everything adds up to the feeling that we’re in a post-apocalyptic movie scenario. Many had lost their jobs and many are anxious feeling that this could be their last day, week, or month at their job posts.
Everything is said to us about this illness is twisted and repacked all over again by the media to ambush us into a loop where it takes a lot of effort to properly filter what is true and what is fabricated. And at the same time, we don’t want to disbelief anything, because… better safe than sorry, right? But have we reached the point where too much information is just fermenting more panic towards getting back to our normal activities? Isn’t that weird that a few months before this lockdown started we were all debating online about how the decision-making of our leaders wasn’t exactly concerned about the public, and yet now we’re just accepting what they have been telling us and imposing us to do in our lives?
The point isn’t about coming or not coming back to our normal routines, because that’s out of our hands by now. But, if we always questioned the government’s intentions, why aren’t we doing this right now? They feed us fear, so they can break us apart, they overexpose people’s traumatic experiences so they can get in our heads, they discretely point who to blame and what for, so they can watch us fight. So they can rule us. We didn’t forget about that, right?
It is odd that with all this “information” and all the “technology” they parade in our faces, they are still not concerned about developing low-cost but effective equipment that could help us to get back to our activities any time soon and avoid contamination. Isn’t it even weirder when we consider that many high-level politicians that are telling us to stay home, don’t look concerned about safety measures for themselves when it comes to appearing in public with no masks, aglomerated among other representatives, even though millions of people are infected?
With that said, we don’t want to diminish the impact of the disease, its symptoms, its victims. We just want to raise some questions no one else seems to be asking. Since when did we forget that blindly following these guys never took us anywhere? We’re not telling you to break the confinement and do whatever you want to do, because that would be an irresponsible advice, but why exactly they’re arresting people on the streets for walking their dogs, taking a lone walk or posting some mail? Let me rephrase that – why are they allowing the police to immobilize us, handcuff us and escort us into house arrest at their will while pointing us guns – like we’re some sort of criminals – when they can walk all around with no consequences?
The uncertainty it was created for us it’s not about whether next month’s yields are going to be negative, but how long do we have before an economic collapse and starvation? Because for some of us, jobs are long gone, or can’t be done because they don’t configure as essential, and the government unemployment benefits aren’t enough to feed a whole family. It’s a completely different treatment.
If we don’t realize that we’re being played soon enough, we’re going to be enormously anxious to face reality once we can go back to it. The dilemma of whether the person sitting next to us may be infected or not will make us isolate even more, mistrust people we used to trust, panic about not having enough supplies for the future, and rush into buying stuff we don’t even need while leaving others with bare hands. Is that really who we want to become? Because at this point, it seems that this is where we’re headed to.
And you know what else? That’s exactly what they’re going for.

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It’s a perfect plan. Get ready for the economic collapse and much more…



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