The Swamp Strikes Back? If Trump starts a war in Syria and starts back up TPP, then we are now in Bush’s 5 term, Obama’s 3rd… however you want to count it.

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The most globalist agreement the globalists could design is sticking its head back up. Remember, the Federal Reserve bill was called lots of things, and killed lots of times, before it finally was passed and enslaved us all.

Trump directs top economic advisers to look at re-entering TPP

President Trump has directed his top economic and trade advisers to look into re-entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership, nearly a year after he withdrew the U.S. from the multilateral trade agreement in of his first acts as president.

Trump told a group of Republican senators during a meeting Thursday that he had assigned National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer “the task of taking another look at TPP,” Sen. Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, told reporters at the White House.

“We’re very excited about seeing those trade opportunities reaffirmed,” said Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb., who was also present for the meeting. Fischer said Trump also mentioned “the importance” of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, which his administration is currently renegotiating with Canada and Mexico.

Trump told the room “multiple times” that he was deputizing Lighthizer and Kudlow to review possible re-entry into the TPP, according to Sen. Ben Sasse, who has been a leading critic of the president’s trade policy and recent tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.


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