If Trumps Wins, The Clinton’s Go To Jail!

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The events of the past week have made it clear that this is not only a fight for who becomes president. This Is a fight for Hillary’s and Bill’s survival. The gloves are off and Hillary is being pummeled. This is much more than death by a thousand cuts. Both Hillary and Bill are not healthly, but they have no choice other than fight to the finish! Really what are their options. I will cover all this in my next video. It will show that the Clinton’s have no options! They are backed into corner and the outcome for them is dire if Trump wins!

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40 thoughts on “If Trumps Wins, The Clinton’s Go To Jail!

    • Are you sure about that? I believe you are very wrong. The more the American people hear BOTH party’s side, they will come around. It takes a village, so spread the word. I am…every way I know how.

      • Aw… Did you shit your pants because of how pathetic Hillary ‘Crazy Eyes’ Clinton is? Poor you. By the way you can thank BLM for giving trump North Carolina. Trashing the states most prominent city over lies so close to the election really has pissed of the locals here. By the way, It was a liberal city that got trashed, so you guys attacked your own and now have turned your allies against you.

        • What? Not sure what you’re saying. Law and order for Americans. Violent riots only make those who riot look weak. Violence and hatred is not the answer. Had there been no violent protesting, there would’ve been no attempts to use strong legal control. I’m not sure how it’s ok to say BLM. Those BLMALES are citizens of the United States of America. Stop labeling and allowing for division of our citizens. I’m saddened by the hatred. Saying BLM rather than “people” only empowers the division by isms which Obama and Clinton support and use to instill more hatred and violence. We are a melting pot of all races, beliefs and identities. Together, not separated, Americans can find peace, and finally work to fix what’s broken.

          • Um… It is the organization B.L.M. that caused the riots. BLM is not a person it is an organization. I do agree with you , but I think you are confusing the political organization with the people it says it represents. The political machine called BLM that bused in hundreds of people from out of state for the sole purpose of rioting is the problem and since they are associated with the left, that is who is being blamed by locals here.

          • Thank you for correcting me. I will learn more about the situation in NC. I’m grateful we all have a voice and together can become more educated and aware of what’s happening in our country and within our states. 🙂

          • I don’t know who arranged this. But I do know that the 30% of locals arrested for violent protesting had a choice to make…become violent or remain peaceful. They obviously chose violence. Society is filled with those who make good decisions, and those who dont. Obviously some choose the “don’ts” and those 30% did. Bad influences are everywhere. Temptation and evil is everywhere. My brother is a homeless drug addict. I am not. We all make choices, and we therefore face consequences.
            If you’re implying that Trump has something to do with it, you’re no better than the violent protestors, for it creates alienation and mistrust. Do you listen to what Trump has been proposing to do for America? If you have, you would never encinuate that he had anything to do with it. He is a man who promotes peace and empowerment.

      • That is a true statement in that until now, myself, living and working in an area odf Arizona where whites are the minority. If we spoke out, we risked being targeted with hate and violence. Than God for Trump’s candidacy! He is empowering us with the strength to speak out, as we are no longer finding ourselves unsupported. We are finding it safer to speak up about what we know, what we’ve seen, and what needs to CHANGE. I sold my beautiful home last year because, although the neighborhood was developed with homes originally g in the $300,000 range, after the economy tanked, a majority of the homes were purchased as rentals. This allowed for poverty and it turned into gang infested property. The value of my property was hurt because of the poor educational system because of a failed economic society. My daughter was taught by her classmates there, to talk back to the teachers and to basically cause disruptions, as it was the school norm. She was one of two whites in her homeroom classes. Many were illegal immigrants. I switched her to another school and got the hell out of there. The neighborhood is 90% non white with multiple cars, loud music and crime now. Poverty has set in. With Trump, there is a chance that those whom are impoverished will have the tools to make more money, to see the value of education and hopefully start to value life and their neighbors and teachers. What Trump is proposing, if given the chance to get in there and fix our broken corrupt system, WILL change All of our lives and communities for the better. I am not racist nor am I biased. I have lived it, and seen it first hand. I am grateful to be given the support to speak out without fear of hateful violence directed at me. This is a huge moment for the cowardess Americans in support of proactive change, to be able to have the voice we’ve always wanted to have. I LOVE this election! Empower those who feel there is no other choice but to react with violence, to see their self worth and to value the good they have trapped inside of themselves. With this man as president, all Americans will find new opportunities to leave the negatives behind and start growing. With hope, we can see change. With a voice, a united voice, we can work together to help change the lives of our less fortunate citizens. We all deserve belief in a better, safer, more valued existence. Poverty=gangs, drugs and violence. Speak up America! A better life is right in front of us. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

    • Well BLM just gave NC to Trump. Now that it is clear that the riots happened and innocent people were harmed due to agenda lies. i live in Asheville, a liberal stronghold and they are pissed at BLM because a group of them went to support the protesters and were attacked for their support. It was also released that over 70% of the rioters arrested were bused in from out of state. It was a stupid move to do so much damage so close to the election in a liberal city because the locals are pissed and have lost the will to support the people who burned down their city.

  1. I understand your feelings towards the Clintons. But care to answer why you hate the USA and why you think Trump is not going to win?


      • Care to share which country that description doesn’t fit? No fair picking Lichtenstein or Andorra. You think non-whites are any better? Viewing the past through today’s skewed lenses isn’t helpful. Oh… and it’s rude to post ALL your posts in capital letters.

      • The only one that sounds racist here is you. By the way, I am a legal immigrant from Argentina and can clearly say that the only racism I have faced comes from idiot lefties that try to segregate me into some hyphenated sub class of American, when I actually earned my right to call my self an American. They can take there hyphenated hate preaching and shove it up the same hole their head is in. The only ones who have ever tried to prevent me from succeeding are of the left!

  2. I love this presidential election! Everything is coming out in the open now. Thank you Donald Trump for exposing the massive governmental corruption our nation has been hiding from us since way before 9/11!!! We NEED this man! This is no joke, this should not be downplayed…America is a HUGE MESS in more ways than I’d ever thought possible. If we don’t for him, the corruption will only get worse! Anyone voting for Hillary is BLIND and IGNORANT to the world we live in! I’ve taken the last 3 months to read and watch EVERYTHING I can possibly fit into my schedule, from both sides, and my jaw has been dropping more as I learn more. Stop the racial claims against Trump, as YOU have NO IDEA what you are saying. This is America’s chance for true leadership FOR the American people…every single one of us. Educate yourselves! Watch ALL news sources, not twitter and facebook! There is a WEALTH of information out there that will make you SEE THE TRUTH, and stand united for change in the only Right direction. I am a single woman who lived in the lower middle class until 2009. I am now 47. I put myself through university and later nursing school. I’ve paid all of my student loans, recently sold my 2 houses and bought 1 huge house. I am now in the UPPER middle class…because I had it in me to work hard, many years working 2 jobs, to get ahead and support my two girls. I have always done it on my own. No man to help me. Stop blaming and start working on getting ahead, one day at a time. Surround yourselves with great role models and avoid those who continue to make bad choices. Stay away from family members who cut you down. Empower yourselves and change will come. Start by getting to know what Trump has to offer, and I guarantee you will see the wonderful changes about to happen when he is elected. No hate! We need to unite!

    • Congratulations and well done. Your daughters should do even better with a super woman and mom like you. I am proud to be an American citizen with you.

      • Thank you Aaron. Please find avenues to spread the word. We all need to work together in this election. There is a brighter future, but we need to expose the vicories that are possible with Trump as president. We need each other. 🙂

    • Sadly they wont ever get it because they do not have the right priorities. The left has become all about control and manipulation. It is so sad what it is doing to our country.

  3. I loath the Clintons and the Bushes but I don’t think Trump will win.
    The elites simply won’t let it happen.
    Many of them, not only the Clintons, will be going to jail if Trump wins.
    Something major is about to happen, so the election can be cancelled.


  5. It’s down to Colorado. If Trump wins Colorado and hold NC,OH,FLA, and Iowa he’s in easily. You can’t discount a Liberal/Democrat’s ability to be ignorant and do the stupid thing though.

  6. Trump couldn’t do that even if he wanted to (and I doubt he wants to, remember who was invited to his last wedding? And who he goes golfing with all the time?) – the Clinton/Bush criminals would give him the JFK treatment in a second.
    He’s less evil than Hitlery, but I don’t expect him to work miracles.

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