If you believe that you have a different savior every 4-8 years, then you have to realize you’re being tricked. Politicians are actors and professional liars, not messiahs.

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I thought we all learned this years ago but I guess it takes people a long time to learn hard lessons. Or they prefer to forget because it’s easier to live in willful ignorance.

For some it was the false promise of “hope and change”. For others it was finally realizing that Q Anon and their ‘plan’ was a LARP. Others learned long before.

But you have to realize that neither side of the political spectrum cares about you. Politicians on both sides have upheld private prisons, policies that only benefit big pharma, and tax codes that allow megacorporations to pay 0 while some people lose a third of their income.

The underlying current of disgruntled Americans is what you should be paying attention to. Over the last few elections there has been a clear message that people want change.

This is why the divide and conquer politics has been turned up to insane levels on the news and social media.

When the want for change hits a fever pitch the people in power have to do what they can to split everyone up and turn them against each other.

It’s pretty clear that all social media companies utilize algorithms to boost divisive content.

It’s also clear that every major news outlet usually has a hard political slant one side or the other.

What you have to ask yourself is why neither side, big tech, or social media ever boost big ideas that could bring us together?

There are certain things that people on both sides of the aisle agree on.

Because of political division, many of these ideas have been pushed as third party ideas in Libertarians.

Things like a simplified tax code, legalization of less hard drugs, actual healthcare reform, public education reform etc.

I know a lot of you aren’t convinced and after reading that, the Agent Smith style defense mechanism in your brain is going into red alert.

If you’re left wing your brain is saying “my party tried to do education reform and healthcare reform”

Except that when Obama had the senate, house, and presidency the healthcare he passed was a republican’s plan, Mitt Romney’s Romneycare under it’s new name Obamacare. And they had a chance to improve education and didn’t do shit.

And if you’re left wing your brain is saying “my party tried to fix taxes and fix healthcare by attacking the left wing Obamacare”

But the right wing adds to the tax code by giving billionaires loopholes so they don’t have to pay. And the changes they made surrounding Obamacare only served to drive the cost of insurance up.

Both sides conspire to ensure that very little gets done. Not just because they’re lazy, but because the billionaires that fund their campaigns depend on stability to plan out their business decisions 5-10 years out.

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Politicians are like lying talking heads that really represent the “elites” and pretend to be your representatives.

The reality is that this is how it has always been. This isn’t a US problem. This same thing happened in Rome, Egypt, the British Empire, etc.

You have to realize that you have way more in common with the people next to you than the people you think represent you.

It’s pretty standard belief now but I have to reiterate that a working class black guy in the US has way more in common with a working class white guy than a rich black guy. And the same goes the other way around and for every race, color, creed, sexual orientation, etc.

If you have to work for a living, make a budget, think about how you spend your money, etc. you probably have more in common with 99% of the country and the world than you think.

I’m Puerto Rican but I guarantee you I have more in common with a white guy mechanic in the Appalachias, a black guy boutique owner in Brooklyn, and an asian guy chef in Koreatown than I do with Puerto Rican superstar Marc Anthony.

The same goes for politicians.

This isn’t to piss anybody off or be extreme. In fact I can’t think of a more unifying idea than the realization that most people you walk past everyday are going through similar struggles and triumphs as you.

Stop believing in the media driven message of divide and conquer. Focus on the shit that brings us together.

I will now proceed to read bot comments about how one side is ultimate good and the other is ultimate evil.

Update 1: just wanted to point out I’m independent, have never registered for any party.

I’ve always believed the left right stuff was nonsense and a pretty bad cover for divide and conquer.

The overwhelming majority of Americans are independent as well. They just settle for the side closest to their beliefs.

I’m not saying don’t vote. I’m saying don’t get so entrenched in an ideology they spoon fed you that you forget the people around you are just like you no matter how different they look, dress, act, etc

Also please don’t try to convince yourself that there aren’t scumbags on both sides.

Bill Clinton flew to Epstein island and the republican speaker of the house that wanted him impeached Dennis Hastert was later convicted of pedo shit.

Both sides are bad. We can do better


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