If you fear the corona virus more than the economic devastation that Governments and the Media are imposing on people right now, you’re an idiot. What they are doing is criminal.

by greyabassador

What Governments and the Media are doing is criminal behavior. They are fabricating panic at an unprecedented scale that is completely disproportional to the threat that Coronavirus poses. Their excuse is that they want to “save lives”, but whose lives are they really saving, and how many?

The economic devastation will last for DECADES even if we stop the madness right now. What governments and media did so far, basically cancelling everything and stopping everybody from doing anything is destroying the livelihood of not millions, but BILLIONS of people for the years to come. We are talking about major economic recession at a cost of hundreds of trillions of dollars. It will take more than one generation to recover from this. That’s if we stop NOW, but they fully intend to drag this for MONTHS.

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Business can’t make money if everyone is forbidden to leave home, nor if the Government prohibits people from getting together. No travel, no meetings, no shows, no going to the office, no school, no leaving home? That means economic collapse.

Fast forward 3 months, when financial reports start rolling in. What do you think the numbers are going to look like for most companies? That’s right. Fucking nightmare in the horizon.

First millions of companies will go out of business. Then people will start losing their jobs. That is being decided as we speak. Air travel companies are preparing workforce reductions of the magnitude of 50%. That’s fifty FUCKING percent, folks. Air travel and tourism in general are going to be decimated. The oil industry is gone. Live entertainment will suffer too. Pensions will be disintegrated. Money will disappear from everyone’s pocket. When that happens, small businesses will start to suffer. More people go out of business. More unemployment.

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We’re talking about unprecedented economic devastation in times of peace. Is the Coronavirus causing all this? Fucking hell, NO. The virus killed a few thousand people so far, and that’s it. The media is trying to paint this as a medieval plague, but the true medieval plague is the panic and the destruction of value that this nonsense is creating.

The virus is NOT the real threat.

It’s the Deep State. And the Media. Together, forcing chaos in order to get once again the only thing that they want: more power.

The virus is not the real threat. They are.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.