If you like your thermostat you can keep where you want: De Blasio orders New York office towers to set their AC thermostats at 78 degrees to save

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio orders tall buildings to keep AC to 78F from Friday
Comes as authorities try to save electricity in face of oncoming heatwave
De Blasio admitted he wasn’t sure he had authority to do so, when questioned
Heatwave may bring temperatures as high as 110F from Friday through Sunday
Forecasters said more than 200 million people are bracing for the heatwave
Public officials have warned residents in eastern and central US to stay inside.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered tall buildings to lay off the air conditioning in the face of an oncoming heatwave, in an attempt to preserve electricity in the city.

In an emergency order issued on Thursday, de Blasio directed the owners of office buildings 100 feet or taller to keep the AC to 78F from Friday morning to Sunday evening.

More than 200 million people in the eastern and central US are bracing for a dangerously warm weekend, with temperatures soaring as high as 110F.

‘We are about to enter a heat emergency, and must do all we can to keep New Yorkers safe,’ said Mayor de Blasio. ‘The City government is limiting its energy use to reduce strain on the electrical grid, and now private office buildings will also have to do their part.’

Despite this, the Mayor admitted he wasn’t sure if he had the authority to give the order.



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