If you own a car, smoke or buy gas in Illinois you will be paying more: A look at what fees and taxes state lawmakers hiked

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The capital bill next heads to Pritzker for his signature. Here’s a look at some of the tax and fee increases that will pay for it.

— Gas tax increase: The state’s 19-cent-per-gallon motor fuel tax doubles starting July 1 under the plan. The gas tax last was raised in 1990 and would be indexed to future inflation increases. Municipalities in Cook County could separately levy a 3-cent-per-gallon motor fuel tax.

— Fees for motorists: To support transportation-related projects, the bill increases license plate fees by $50 to $151 annually, starting with the 2020 registration year. It also raises a charge for electric vehicles to $248 per year from $35 for two years, starting Jan. 1.

— Smoking and vaping: The measure increases the state’s $1.98-per-pack cigarette tax by $1. Meanwhile, e-cigarettes would be taxed at a rate of 15%. Both of those increases would take effect July 1.

— Parking tax: As a source of funding for building construction projects, a 6% daily and 9% monthly tax would be imposed on garage and lot parking beginning Jan. 1.

— Online sales tax: The bill calls for expanding the sales tax collected on online purchases to more purchases made through remote, or out-of-state online retailers.





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