If you silence critical analysis…you silence the voice that could bring about change

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Every single time they put Farrakhan on, his focus was on the historical development of systemic oppression, and he expertly handled any flimsy attempt by them to control the narrative towards racial disunity.

Considering how media today has a stranglehold on open and unfiltered dialogue, selections like this with Farrakhan in the past have aged very well. Look at how media operates today in comparison with these times 20+ years ago. There is no platform for anything like this. Complete control over the narrative is part and parcel to how the entire media apparatus now functions. C-Span call-in, Donahue, Montel, long format q&a with critical thinking guests…all gone. More recently, Tavis Smiley, Jon Stewart, Larry Willmore, Up with Chris Hayes (prior weekend morning show) on and on. Anyone who even opens the door for critical analysis is gone. The irony is there used to be only what 30-40 TV stations with cable in the early 1990s? Now there is 800.

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