If You Think Covid Decimated Society, Imagine What a WORSE Pandemic Would Do (VIDEO)

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by Daisy Luther

Regardless of your thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s pretty difficult to argue with the fact that the very fabric of our society has changed over the past year. So many things that were perfectly normal in 2019, like going to the movies and grabbing some popcorn and a Coke, traveling, or meeting friends for lunch at a restaurant are now either different, difficult, or even impossible.

Add to this the economic crisis that began when our country shut down for “two weeks” just over a year ago.

Covid destroyed entire economies

Businesses have closed, never to reopen. Jobs have been lost, never to return. Once in a lifetime events like births, graduations, and sadly, even deaths, occurred in isolation. Personal finances have been destroyed and many people may never recover their former prosperity.

And this all happened for a pandemic that, while a truly miserable illness, was not overly fatal if you look at the percentages.

So what would happen if a worse pandemic occurred? The Black Death? Ebola? Something nasty we haven’t even heard of yet?

I’m not downplaying the loss of life or the seriousness of the illness that occurs when you contract Covid-19. But just imagine if we had a plague-y-er plague, something that caused people to hemorrhage from their orifices and drop in the streets?

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If the world’s reaction was to self-destruct our economies over Covid-19, what on earth would happen with something more serious?

This video discusses the grim possibilities.

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Imagine the response if we had a TRULY ultra-deadly pandemic

So what if we had an ultra-deadly pandemic with an extremely high mortality rate?

Would people even believe the government and begin to take precautions early enough? Do you think preppers would scoff like many of them did at the Covid pandemic? How much more difficult would it be to get people on board with hunkering down?

Perhaps Dr. Fauci was The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Maybe the response he led could cause people to simply roll their eyes the next time the media announces a deadly pandemic. Because after the past year of lies, exaggerations, outrageous mandates, and false numbers, American trust in the government is not at a particularly high level.

Can you imagine a zombie-apocalypse level pandemic that nobody believed was real until it was too late?

Don’t let your guard down

Every prepper knows that a true, deadly pandemic IS a possibility but have we become numbed by the two weeks that turned into a year?

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I’ve had Covid and was very ill. I had to follow up with a pulmonologist for months. Despite that, I’m against the mandates that have caused our economy to collapse. I object to our medical freedoms being taken away, and our lives to be upended.

Despite this, I think it’s important not to let your guard down. Don’t let this governmental overreach allow you to disregard the fact that the next pandemic could be far more serious. That would be like not boarding up your windows when a Category 5 hurricane was headed your way. You know, because the last one was a Category 1 and not that big of a deal. If a hurricane is coming, you get ready, regardless.

Your pandemic preparedness should be the same. Don’t let this past year cause you to lower your guard.

What do you think?

Do you believe the possible over-response to Covid could cause people to be less likely to cooperate if a more serious pandemic came along? Are you continuing with your pandemic preparedness plans? Do you think pandemic preparedness is overblown or that a more deadly pandemic is unlikely? Let’s talk about it in the comments.


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