If you’re ok with your human rights being taken away there’s something seriously wrong with you

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by aphoticic

In my country and state, they are coercing people to get the vaccine. They are threatening people’s jobs. Basically saying if you dont get the vaccine you are out of a job which means you can’t pay your mortgage or put food on the table.

This is so wrong. Its making people second class citizens and essentially going to cause people to be homeless and starve.

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This was never a thing in the past. We have had hundreds of terrible diseases and vaccines but no one was ever FORCED to take it. INFORMED CONCENT and CHOICE was always a factor.

So tell me why the heck people are calm about this. You should be scared. Your medical information is private. Your rights are valid. You deserve choice. No one should ever take that from you, pandemic or not.

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Its not even a conspiracy at this point. Its happening right in front of our eyes but people are too scared to do anything so they just roll over.


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