If you’re renting, you need to run credit and criminal checks on all adults

by queenannechick

Hi. Just like a PSA. I have friends who recently became landlords and despite my advising them strongly they needed to run background and credit checks, they didn’t. Guess how that turned out. I used to work as a property manager and the reality is most folks who turned up, couldn’t get approved. I learned quickly not to judge a book by its cover. Lots of lovely, polite people with horrific rental history, credit or criminal past. Let the big complexes who are desperate for tenants be the ones who deal with the bad credit, terrible tenant history, criminal history folks. There are many people out there just hunting for a private landlord who doesn’t check and as soon as they’re in, they won’t ever pay again. My friends looked into their history after the fact, yeah, this is their M.O. exactly. They’ll never see a dime meanwhile they’re paying the mortgage and water and now for the eviction which will take months.

Check. Every time. No exceptions.

ITT: People acting like locking your doors amounts to theft.

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Thanks for the graphic, long death threats. FO.

Also, lots of people PMing me about having bad credit themselves. Look LOADS of landlords rent to folks with less than perfect credit / criminal history / landlord history / income. Honestly I suspect most do. The ones I’ve worked for DEFINITELY do. The folks that almost no one will rent to are the ones who force an eviction immediately after moving in, never intended to pay once they got tenants rights and trash the house on the way out and do this REPEATEDLY. I promise they’re out there. Tons of folks do this shit. I get we have a housing crisis but its just insane to think we solve this by having every person who has property to rent play craps with their kids college fund or their retirement savings.

Also, I get it losers. The proletariat is going to rape my eye holes while I watch my family bleed out. You don’t need to keep messaging me that. I’ve already gotten the message. I suspect you’re the same a**holes out there trashing houses, destroying people’s nest egg / retirement funds / kids college funds / lives.


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