Illegal Immigration/Open Borders Morphing Into Democrat Party Voter Registration Drive… Illegals Are Robbing Houses, Getting Into Car Chases Every Day… Tucker Carlson: No Country Could Survive Biden’s Border Policies

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Ted Cruz: The Goal of Biden’s ‘Horrifically Inhumane’ Border Policy Is to ‘Elect More Democrats’

Daily Caller Editorial Director Vince Coglianese sat down with Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to discuss the current crisis at the southern border under the Biden administration.

“This is not only a crisis, but it is a crisis that is getting much, much worse and it is an entirely created crisis created by the failures of the Biden administrations policy,” Cruz said, noting that upon taking office, President Joe Biden halted construction on the border wall and ended former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

“Joe [Biden’s] administration just threw that in the trash and said ‘let them in.’”

Illegal Immigration/Open Borders Morphing Into Democrat Party Voter Registration Drive

The Biden (Harris?) presidency is just 55 days old, and in that short period of time, the President has signed over 50 executive orders. In comparison, Presidents Trump and Obama signed 27 and 28 executive orders respectively while President George W. Bush only signed 8 executive orders.

Biden’s executive orders have ranged from imposing mask mandates on all federal property — which he promptly ignored just hours after signing it — to giving de facto asylum and work permits to illegal aliens amassing at our now porous border.

In a rare act of random journalism, especially during this early Biden presidency, the president was asked about his record-setting number of executive orders. Americans who respect the constitution and the separation of powers clause should be alarmed by Biden’s response: “And I want to make it clear — there’s a lot of talk, with good reason, about the number of executive orders that I have signed — I’m not making new law; I’m eliminating bad policy.”


Texas Mayor Sounds Alarm on Biden Border Crisis: Illegals Are Robbing Houses, Getting Into Car Chases Every Day

A Texas mayor said the Biden administration’s border crisis has metastasized to such an alarming level that it’s unleashing a tsunami of criminal activity, including home robberies and car thefts.

Don McLaughlin Jr. is the mayor of Uvalde (population: 16,277), which sits about halfway between San Antonio and Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

The state is represented by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, the son of a legal Cuban immigrant who has decried the harrowing immigration crisis inflamed by President Joe Biden.

McLaughlin told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday that illegal aliens from 49 different countries have barraged his region, causing the local migrant holding center to burst at the seams.

“It’s gotten just totally ridiculous,” he lamented.


Tucker Carlson: No Country Could Survive Biden’s Border Policies

What’s happening on the border tonight will change our country forever. A lot of things won’t, but this will, and you should know that. Unlike other disasters, mass illegal immigration is permanent. No one ever really gets sent home. Over the past 30 years, the population of the United States has exploded by nearly 100 million people, mostly due to immigration. Were you even aware that happened?

You’re not supposed to say a word about it, as every year the United States gets more jammed with people, and at the same time more chaotic and less cohesive — as the open spaces shrink, as nature itself recedes in the face of yet another strip mall or apartment complex or fast food outlet to serve the new people. This is becoming a crowded country, and crowded countries are ugly, unhappy countries. Why are we letting that happen? That’s a rhetorical question of course. No one asked us what we wanted. They just did it. No one asked the countries these immigrants are coming from either.

Something that had never occurred to us until we talked to the president of El Salvador is that country has lost a third of its population over the years through immigration to the United States. El Salvador is a charming country in a lot of ways, but it’s still a very poor place. So, when American politicians offer free education and free healthcare, and free all kinds of things to anyone who can just make it across the border, millions of Salvadorans accept their offer. And why wouldn’t they accept it? So they migrate in huge groups, and that hurts our country. But it also weakens El Salvador. Here’s the president’s perspective:

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NAYIB BUKELE: “If you don’t provide for your people, economic opportunities, if your economy is doing bad, if your security is doing bad, people are going to leave, and you’re going to go and try to find a rich country, right? They’re not going to leave for Guatemala. They want to go to the United States. So, that makes this country dependent on immigration because you become a net exporter of people. You’re not exporting products or services, you’re exporting people. So, that makes your economy dependent on that, because those people send money back to their home countries, which is not a good economic formula … So it’s bad for the United States because immigration will go up and it’s bad for our country because people leaving the country will go up as well so it’s bad for both of us.”


Sen. Steve Daines to Newsmax TV: ‘Southern Border Crisis’ Reaches Montana

Despite representing a state bordering Canada, Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., on Newsmax TV said his state has “a southern border crisis” due to Mexican cartels trafficking drugs as the Biden administration is distracted with mass migration.

“This crisis is 100% result of President Biden’s policies,” Daines told Wednesday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “This started on Day 1 of his presidency.”

Human Smugglers Interrupts Congressman’s Interview On Texas Border


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