Illinois Pensions Are Completely BROKE! You Will NOT Get Your Money So Get Ready!

In your opinion, what do you think will happen if pensions don’t pay out or are cut?

The pension crisis continues. No state can find its way out of this mess. It’s too big. It’s too messy. There’s no way out except to default. But over time we will see it get worse. Then a trigger will be set off. What that trigger is, we’re not sure yet. Once it does, every American’s pension is put at risk.
Illinois state pensions: Overpromised, not underfunded – Wirepoints Special Report | Wirepoints
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A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G2.png (796×411)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G3.png (793×559)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G4.png (845×589)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G5.png (709×1165)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G6.png (855×575)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G7.png (841×585)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G8.png (819×380)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G9.png (843×586)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G10.png (843×587)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G11.png (712×1169)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G12.png (849×573)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G13.png (843×584)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G14.png (858×486)
A-dramatic-rise-in-pension-benefits-G15.png (844×588)


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