I’m Inviting the NRA to Vegas

by Wayne Root
Liberals are losing their minds. They suffer from TIDS- Trump Insanity Disorder. Poor things.
Exhibit A is the Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas Dwaine Caraway. He just announced Dallas doesn’t want the upcoming NRA convention. He urged the NRA to find a new home for their May 4th convention.
First, what an irrational and immature statement. A Mayor’s only job is to sell his city, to sing his city’s praises, to attract business and conventions. Not to turn business away.
Secondly, what a selfish statement. Did the Mayor bother to ask the Dallas employees affected by the loss of a major convention what they thought? What about the employees of the airlines bringing the thousands of NRA members to and from Dallas? Or the Dallas hotel employees? Or the employees of the convention center? Or the waiters, waitresses and bartenders at the restaurants of Dallas?
This is Trump Insanity Disorder. TIDS. Liberals are willing to damage people’s lives and livlihoods, because they personally don’t like guns. It’s the “Three I’s” on display: idiocy, ignorance and insanity.
But it’s time to turn lemons to lemonade. I happen to know a city that knows how to throw a party…and run a convention…and show attendees the time of their lives…and roll out the red carpet. Vegas baby.
I’m inviting the NRA to relocate their convention to Las Vegas- the convention capital of America.
Nevada is the state where the Constitution bans income taxes and welcomes guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. We’re the city where any law-abiding citizen can get a concealed carry permit with ease. We have more gun ranges for entertainment than any city in the world- which is why we are the only city with “gun tourism.”
We’re also the only city that could quickly accommodate a massive NRA convention on 60 days notice. We have about twice as many hotel rooms as Dallas (150,000 to 80,000). We have the convention space. We have the best tourism employees in the world to make these NRA members feel at home.
By the time we’re through, the NRA will wonder why they didn’t book their convention in Vegas in the first place. I pity the poor NRA exec who chose Dallas. I’m betting all future NRA conventions will be booked in Vegas.
And if money in the pockets of his citizens, voters and business owners means nothing to the liberal Mayor of Dallas, good luck to him at re-election time. I have a funny feeling he’ll be looking for a job soon.
More gun thoughts. Guns didn’t kill those kids in Parkland, Florida. A mentally-ill nutcase did. FBI incompetence contributed. Police dropped the ball too- they had 39 calls to his home and never arrested him. And “Gun Free Zones” certainly played a part. You ever notice almost every mass shooting is in a gun free zone?
Guns aren’t the problem. Guns are the answer. We need armed security guards at schools.
We need one entrance to schools, protected by armed guards and a gun detector.
We need armed and trained parents as volunteers.
We need police substations next to school entrances.
We need drone technology. Perhaps drones armed with tear gas, stun gun and cameras able to send video to the security staff and local police so they can instantly assess the situation.
But most of all, we need armed teachers (or administrators).
Look to Israel. There are no “gun free schools” in Israel. Israel MANDATES armed security in schools. Teachers in Israel have been armed and trained by the government since 1974. In all that time, there have been only two school shootings. In both cases the perp was shot to death by armed teachers. The students of Israel are much safer than in America- because of armed teachers.
We protect everything of value with guns- banks, courthouses, federal buildings, sports stadiums, airports, politicians, celebrities. They all have armed security. It’s time to protect our kids the same way. Guns (in the right hands) save lives.
It’s time to have armed security and armed teachers (or administrators) at every school in America.
And it’s time to move the NRA convention to Vegas. I’m inviting you. You’ll be welcome here. You’ll feel at home here. Vegas wants your business. Tell them WAR sent you.
Wayne Allyn Root (Wayne@ROOTforAmerica.com) is host of the nationally-syndicated “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show.” Listen from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and watch at 5 PM on Newsmax TV- now on DirecTV and Dish. His R-J columns run Thursdays and Sundays.