I’m not buying what Rosenstein is selling me, because it doesn’t line up with what’s been going down. At all.

by Johnny_Oldschool

Russian intelligence officials indicted for hacking DNC emails, conspiring to release them

I’m not buying that for a god damned second, and I’ll tell you why.

First, the Grizzly Step report didn’t even touch on phishing. There was one Podesta email where it appeared he had been a victim of a phishing scam. (Mind boggling that a senior political member may have fallen for this, but anyways). However, this was not at the beginning of the leaked emails. It was about halfway through. So that specific attack wasn’t responsible for the leak.

Second, the Grizzly Step report listed two pieces of Malware placed on DNC computers. Each of these pieces were a few years old, readily available on the deep web. Simple stuff. It’s also simple stuff to compile code on a compromised machine, or to change it’s markers. Now I have to be reeeeal suspicious of any hacker worth their salt who manages to get malware on a government computer, yet leaves markers which point back to themselves. Even I know better than that. If it were me, I’d be changing my markers to appear as if the code was compiled in Papua New Guinea, with an IP originating from there as well. I certainly wouldn’t leave markers that pointed back to Canada. This is really, really basic stuff for anyone who knows anything about computer security.

Third, the two pieces of malware were old, like I said. Now why would Russian intelligence use third party software? This is a nuclear nation. Surely the KGB has something far more advanced. Maybe they wanted to use third party software to make it appear as if it wasn’t a government sponsored attack? Well if that’s the case, then again, why leave russian markers in the compiled code. Doesn’t make sense. (Am I smarter than Russian intelligence? Doubtful. Highly doubtful.)

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Fourth, the original, ORIGINAL files, leaked by “Guccifer 2.0” had no russian meta data. It was all English. One of them included the name Warren Flood. Who’s Warren Flood? He worked as Joe Biden’s technology director. Look it up. The meta data in the leaked files was changed to be in Russian, with Russian names, and those files were sent to the press. Those of us following things closely SAW THIS HAPPEN, and were naturally losing our shit, and posting the info across reddit and chans and anywhere that people might see it.

And lastly, perhaps biggest of all, were the repeated statements from Wikileaks, repeated statements, all but announcing that Seth Rich was the leaker, and offering a cash reward for information on his murder. A murder, which by the way was labeled a robbery, where by the assailants did not take his wallet, gold chain, watch, or any of his belongings.

So I’m not buying what Rosenstein is selling, because it doesn’t line up with the facts I’ve already seen. The only thing that makes sense, according to the timeline of events and facts that I have been scrutinizing, is that it was Seth Rich who put the files onto a USB drive, the DNC discovered what had happened, ordered a hit, and to get ahead of the leak, pre-leaked what had been stolen, changed the meta data to Russian markers, and sent the files off to the press after posting them to the Guccifer 2.0 blog.

Now regardless of what anyone believes or doesn’t believe, here’s what this doesn’t change: it doesn’t change the fact that we were given clear proof that Hillary rigged the primaries against Sanders, played up Trump as the pied piper candidate, and then lost against him. Sanders should have won, and almost guaranteed would have won, if not for this fuckery behind the scenes.

But I am to believe, that government computer networks, employ no high level firewall to monitor incoming and out going connections. That they don’t employ so much as a virus scanner which would have picked up two year old dark-web malware that hadn’t even been updated. I am to believe that the markers on the leaked files which switched from English to Russian before being sent to the press, is a meaningless fact. I am to believe that the FBI being 100% denied access to any of the DNC servers for investigation, bears no relevance to the case. I am to believe that FBI agent Strozk, who openly and frequently said he would “stop Trump”, and then went on to work with the Meuller investigation, after having cleared Hilary of any wrong doing regarding her email servers (which texts show he decided long before said investigation was even halfway complete) and yesterday spat in the face of Congress, refusing to answer questions, took no part in any sort of scheme to usurp a democratically elected leader.

Not everyone is stupid anymore, Rosenstein. Maybe some of us are. Maybe a lot of us are, but not all of us. And I’m not buying what you’re selling me, because it doesn’t line up with what’s been going down. At all.


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