"I'm Really Trying to Control My Anger" Conservative Parkland Student DEFENDS the 2nd Amendment

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Kyle Kashuv, a conservative high school student from Parkland, joins Martha MacCallum to give his side of the story (3-6-18).

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9 thoughts on “"I'm Really Trying to Control My Anger" Conservative Parkland Student DEFENDS the 2nd Amendment

    The FBI are known to murder USA citizens in cold blood:
    LaVoy Finicum’s Family: New Video Release Shows Police/FBI Shooting Was “Murder”
    A (half) Jewish kid, abandon by his own mother, currently without a family and unwanted by the local Jewish community, is chosen by the FBI to be the ‘perfect patsy’ upon investigating 39 complaints about him and after plying him with psychotropic drugs.
    The security agent (school resource officer, SRO) Scott Petersen waited at least 4 minutes and never went in, despite taking a position on the west side of Building 12. Other officers acted similarly as if fearing professional shooters.. Thus no SRO officer showed up, and the first responders were slow to arrive, enabling the shooter(s) to flee the scene.
    During the shooting, Cruz walks off campus with a former girl friend. Both hear and discuss the ongoing shooting.
    After the shooting, Nikolas Jesus Cruz rushes to a nearby Subway and then on to a McDonalds to enjoy a soft drink and burger.
    Cruz confesses, but he was in FBI custody (and threatened with the death penalty if he didn’t). Videos and eye witnesses to his actually doing the shooting appear to be unavailable.
    Students At Florida School Shooting Report Crisis Drills and Multiple Shooters. YouTube, Google starts deleting video evidence. Shooter in full body armor/helmet/face mask and strange rifle appears, suits up and assembles rifle within a minutes. How could anybody do this?
    Perhaps the FBI (or associates) did all the killing at this Florida high school. The FBI are, at a minimum, accessories to the murders of the 17 students/teachers killed.

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  3. This kid needs to go back to school and educate his stupid peers about the evil that is called Communism. First disarm the citizens….then you can murder at will all those who you don’t like or want…..just ask Stalin….

  4. Parkland was another completely fake staged Hoax event in which nobody died just like Sandy Hook and Orlando and Boston and Columbine and almost all other so called mass shootings.

  5. Nice try PTB, but more people wake up each time one your false flag massacres goes down. Note the half million new applications to the NRA. Resistance is building.

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