IMF WARNS Of Chinese TAKEOVER Of Africa! – African Debt SKYROCKETS!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about the collapse of many African countries as China essentially buys up the resources and utilities of countless countries by loaning the countries more money than they can afford to pay back. Interestingly, the IMF is now warning about this absurd level of debt among many African nations despite themselves doing the same thing. The IMF said years ago that they were considering moving their headquarters to Beijing as China develops itself as the next world super power. As the US and IMF loan money to countries and take over their resources, China is doing it suddenly at a far faster scale and Africa is slowly becoming China. This can be considered possibly even more detrimental considering the massive cashless sesame system China is building essentially creating a world of cattle tracked everywhere they go. Tim Picciott gives his thoughts on this development as Zambia, Angola and many other African countries face crippling debt.



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