Impeachment was a scam from the start

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HMM: How The House Plans To Use Its ‘Inquiry’ To Instigate Impeachment.

Congress’s authority to request documents is dependent on whether it has a legitimate legislative purpose for the documents. The purpose of the House invoking the phrase “impeachment inquiry” is to create a pretext to argue in court that it has a right to the documents.

The White House brushed off many of Nadler’s requests in this May 15, 2019 letter denying the requests because Nadler had “not articulated any proper legislative purpose” for pursuing matters already investigated by Robert Mueller, for example. Because impeachment is one of the enumerated functions of the House, document requests relevant to an “impeachment inquiry” might be able to overcome this objection.

The strategy of declaring an “impeachment inquiry” actually has little or nothing to do with a serious effort to put a case in front of the Senate based upon existing wrongdoing. Rather, it calls to mind the technique used to snare so many victims of the get Trump movement: the process crime. Democrats want to force the president into defying a court order upholding a House document request in order to meet the Khanna test for a full-blown impeachment proceeding.

THAT’S NOT CRAZY OR UNSERIOUS AT ALL: “Very Few Hearings, If Any”: Dems Hoping To Rush Through Impeachment Before Thanksgiving.



On Friday morning, Politico Magazine published an opinion piece from author and founding editor of Politico John Harris titled, “Just Another Day In F***nutsville.”

The outlet quickly updated the headline to read: “Trump Killed the Seriousness of Impeachment.” For a brief time, the URL of the article still included the original title.

Steve Guest, the rapid response director for the Republican National Committee, flagged the error and included a screenshot of the original headline.

They should have stuck to their guns – it’s a perfect description of Washington, and the Democratic Party operatives with bylines such as the Politico, that keep F***nutsville churning along.


Pelosi’s Impeachment bluff hides real Ukraine story; CrowdStrike, Soros & Hillary servers in Kiev


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