Impending Financial Crisis 2.0? Matt Taibbi Hears Echoes Of 2008

by Adam Taggart, Wealthion 

Thirteen years after the start of the Global Financial Crisis, many of the same excesses that caused it can be seen today. In many cases by the same players.

Wall Street is fat with corporate profits again. Governments are flooding the world with oceans of debt. Speculation is back with a vengeance and regulators seem asleep at the wheel.

Will history repeat here?

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Are we setting the stage for another worldwide financial crisis? 

To answer that, we invited award-winning independent financial journalist Matt Taibbi to address this very topic at the recent Wealthion conference held in early June.

We’re now making Matt’s excellent interview available to the general public for the first time. And just to prepare you, he is indeed hearing very loud echoes of 2008…

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