In 2020, America becomes packs of fighting dogs

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by Fabius Maximus 

Summary: We have become like packs of dogs, snarling at one another – leashes held by our ruling elites. Our rulers are fracturing us in every possible way, making us better fit for their needs. The result will be a new America. But it is our choice to cooperate with them.

Two fighting german shepherd dogs.
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I have learned much by talking to the young men (in their mid- to late-twenties) whom I led when they were Boy Scouts. They are on the streets of America, standing on the fault lines that are ripping America apart. They experience what I see through abstract data. They feel things that I can only dimly imagine (reflecting the rapid and accelerating rate of change as the Left’s social engineering experiments move to the conclusions).

Social changes of large magnitude cannot be well described (as engineers say, a change quantitative change of 10x is qualitative – giving it a different nature). So they use metaphors – aka memes – to convey insights. Last summer a young man gave me a haunting vision of the New America that they are joining. It is like your first day in prison. Alone you are just fresh meat, everybody’s victim. Survival requires joining a gang. This will be the biggest decision you will make during your time inside. You look around. The Puerto Ricans, the Chinese, the Blacks, the whites. I’m mostly white, so they are the only option. But the whites are nazis, white nationalists, or some other flavor of awful. What do I do?

This is a dark vision, implying that we have passed the last day with easy or pleasant options. This is multi-cultural America, shattering the social cohesion that was the greatest strength of the America-that-once-was. The history of multi-cultural societies should terrify us, as we evolve. But it did not “just happen.” They opened the borders and dismantled the assimilation machinery that served well in the past. Divide et impera replaced e pluribus unum as American policy. See economist Paul Krugman and columnist Joe Klein (skilled members of the inner party, servants of our elites) boast about this historic accomplishment.

This is a hat trick of social engineering, putting many gifts under their tree. Our elites have successfully divided us, making us easier to rule. The labor surplus pushes wages down and profits up. People from societies with no tradition of democratic are easily ruled. Much of the rural southwest is sliding into Latin America’s client-patron politics.

Ethnic and racial polarization is a powerful force of positive feedback. The more we are divided, people are increasingly forced to choose “their” team. William Lind, as usual, bluntly says the forbidden truth: the Democratic Party is becoming the anti-white party. The anti-male party, too. People are slow to see change, so they have many male and white voters who do not see that their fidelity to the new Demcoratic Party won’t save them – much like the Hollywood celebrities brought down by #MeToo accusations, unaware that they are guilty irrespective of the facts (“believe the victim”).

We are in the early stages of national fragmentation, with much worse ahead. There is lots of time for African Americans to organize for Black Power. For fourth-wave feminists organize for women to have advantages over men. For LGBTQ’s to force their beliefs into the education system and crush those that do not support them (expect more cases like Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission). For Hispanics, and etc. For the Left to push for radical social change using the power of money, as in “Feminists Declare Victory in Colorado Town, 11-Year-Old Girls Can Now Go Topless” (they couldn’t afford to defend against the Left’s litigation).

The Hollywood propaganda machine stokes hatred along every fault line for both profits and political gain. These have been becoming increasingly explicit. Their latest product is Knives Out. It is a ham-fisted, in-your-face tale of White-people-bad, POC-good. See details here.

Our choices are the problem

“The problem is choice.”
— Neo in The Matrix Reloaded (2003).

Like cattle herded into the chutes, we have a choice between the Left or Right. We can take vote for the Democratic Party and its massive social engineering experiments. Enjoy the ride to rising social conflict. Whatever the result, I suspect Americans will look back at the early 1960s as a golden age.

Or we can vote for the Republicans, who are equally loyal servants of the 1%. We get tax cuts for the rich, massive increases in “defense” spending (shiny toys, although they often don’t work), massive mergers to create cartels (eliminating messy competition), deregulation (reducing enforcement of labor and environmental regulations), and union busting. If you like inequality and a robust class system, you will love what the GOP does for America. To see its soul, follow the money.

“For the uninitiated, Paul Singer is a New York hedge fund manager who has made billions by purchasing sovereign debt from financially distressed countries. He’d offer struggling foreign governments a lifeline for their debt, then hound them with costly litigation to make a handsome profit …{He bought Cabela, sold it off. It’s headquarters,} Sidney, once one of the rare thriving small towns surviving the ‘brain drain,’ found itself decimated by a New York billionaire …

“He was the second biggest donor to the GOP in 2016, and has pumped millions of dollars into Republican campaigns. …He has bankrolled numerous neoconservative foreign policy shops, advocated for more permissive immigration policies, and has been a longtime supporter of pro-LGBT organizations and causes. It’s no surprise that he vehemently opposed President Trump’s ascendance in 2015.”  {From a National Review article by Emile A. Doak, about an expose by Tucker Carlson.}

The fallacy that put us in this hole

“We can never see past the choices we don’t understand.”
— The Oracle in The Matrix Reloaded (2003).

What an awful choice, between two sides that offer such futures for America. Which should we choose? That we see this as our choice is the problem.

We believe that we are passengers on the USS America, whining that the menu is not what people so awesome – as us! – deserve. The Founders intended that we would be the crew. We should be working the political machinery that produces candidates, not just showing up to vote among the choices given. That work is what makes America a democracy, and makes us worthy of being its citizens.

This is our problem. When we understand this, then reform will become possible.

“Every country has the government it deserves.”
— Joseph-Marie, Comte de Maistre. From Lettres et Opuscules (1811).



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