In Canada, only 166 deaths with covid were outside nursing homes.

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by PerfectRuin

For this we destroyed our future, killing small and medium businesses, gutting the middle-class, damaged our psyches, drove up the suicide rate, and severely indebted generations to come? That’s a bit odd, no?

As of Nov 15th: COVID-19 deaths in Canada: 10,947.

COVID-19 deaths in Nursing Homes: 10,781

That means there were only 166 deaths in Canada outside of Nursing Homes. Something is very wrong with the approach that’s being taken that’s destroying our economy, annihilating the middle class and small/medium business owners, as well as damaging the emotional and psychological health of vast swathes of the population, because so far this year 166 people not living in old folks homes, died from (or more accurately, *with*) a virus.

From CTV News, Nov. 15th, 2020


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