In the same 24 hours that the Russia attack on Ukraine began, the United States attacked Yemen & Somalia. Israel attacked Syria, violating international law. Where are the sanctions on them?


If you read this and think that Syrians, Yemeni, or Somalians are evil and deserve the attacks, why is the world coddling Ukraine and ignoring that Ukraine is a hotbed of money laundering for the worlds corruption? Do people really not know about Ukraine’s child trafficking problem? Do people really not know about the crimes the Ukrainian government on its own people? I remember Ukraine sniping protestors in Kiev and calling it a “false flag”.

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As a proud American, I am not happy with the direction my country is headed. We have corrupt leader who has used his financial ties by way of his crackhead son to create an energy crisis which has worked two fold: profit and polling numbers.

It’s all so tiresome. We are not building a better America under Joe Biden. We are being sold off to the highest bidder thanks to corruption.


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