Income Tax: The biggest Joke of All – How the Bankers Enslaved Us in 8 Minutes

8 minute video by a good friend of mine who is absolutely sick of the chains that the bankers have put around our feet, hands, and necks.

It explains the epic saga, filled with greed, murder, deceit, and betrayal which the bankers have played out on the American people since the inception of this country. The green screen could use a little work, but the content is on point.

Once all of America realizes the truth, there will be blood in the streets.

Income is taxed.

Anything you buy with that income is taxed.

Any interest earnings or stock market earnings on that income is taxed. Every year.

Any property you buy is taxed.

Any taxed property you sell, which you purchased with your taxed income, must also be taxed.

If you buy land, the sale is taxed and the land itself is taxed every year until you die, or sell it (sales tax again)

If you work hard and earn more money, you are rewarded by paying a higher tax rate.



h/t sech8420