Inconvenient Fact: 73% of Immigrant Households from Mexico and Central America on Welfare

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Just watched an excellent video by Stefan Molyneux titled “The truth about Trump’s Wall Speach” where Stefan gives some hard facts about immigrants and welfare.


Welfare use varies among immigrant groups. Households headed by immigrants from Central America and Mexico (73 percent), the Caribbean (51 percent), and Africa (48 percent) have the highest overall welfare use. Those from East Asia (32 percent), Europe (26 percent), and South Asia (17 percent) have the lowest.

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Welfare use is high for both new arrivals and well-established immigrants. Of households headed by immigrants who have been in the country for more than two decades, 48 percent access welfare.

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In 2012, 76 percent of households headed by an immigrant who had not graduated high school used one or more welfare programs, as did 63 percent of households headed by an immigrant with only a high school education.

Article: Welfare Use by Immigrant and Native Households:



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