Increasing psychological problems in society is due to structural problems and makes collapse more likely

by GamLolz

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic psychological problems such as depression, anxiety and narcissism were on the rise in at least many western countries for years or decades. This is supported by scientific research and I am sure that most of you people have noticed some of these trends in your personal lives as well.

Often these psychological issues and the person suffering from them are analyzed at an individual level and are described as though they were a “disease”. Psychologists are extremely good at analyzing individuals by specific criteria and at targeting individuals with some effective therapy.

To simply analyze these problems at the individual level and to only treat individuals is completely futile. It is simply completely not the case, that humans exist as individuals. Humans are part of a society and a community (or none!). To understand them and these problems and to prevent them from happening again, one must heal and build communities and the structure of society! This will never happen with this individualistic approach.

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The structural problems that in my view guaranty further future increases in these issues are the following:

  • Markets competing to produce increasingly addictive technologies that further: worsening of social skills, atomization, narcissism, insecurity, distraction, political + ideological polarization etc.
  • Breakdown of solid and rich family structures to provide meaning and belonging
  • No religion or commonly shared story to provide meaning and identification with society at large

All of this makes collapse more likely, as a lot of that I see translating into political polarization and radicalisation, procrastination, nihilism, etc.

How the F**K can people who are unhappy save the planet?? Because this is what seems like would have to be done somehow in order for the system to survive??!!

Do you agree/disagree with me on something? What are further structural causes of the increases in psychological issues?


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